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A Cheaper Price or the Same Price can be More Expensive


Your concrete landscape curbing is custom designed and extruded on-site and is intended to be a long lasting permanent solution.  Therefore, not all landscaping curbing companies are the same.  You are purchasing a skilled service not a “product”.  At Surface Pro™ we pride ourselves with competitive pricing and know exactly what professional installation and quality materials cost.  A cheaper price usually means that something is being compromised and most certainly not a better product.


Don’t let this happen to you!


There is no fix to this and it will happen.  Prevention is the only solution.  That is why at Surface Pro™ we use galvanized steel reinforcing cable in all our installations.  We included this at no additional cost.  Every week we remove curbing installed by our competitors that was installed without continious steel reinforcement.  Even more troubling is that the curbing we remove is often installed by the same company that will tell you that you don't need steel reinforcement and its just a sales "gimmick". 


Ask yourself this:

If a concrete curbing contractor truly cares about the final product it delivers, why would something this important be considered an option or even worse not being offered at all.  If a curbing contractor tells you that you don’t need steel reinforcing here in Florida, that you only need that up north.  That's absolutely false, just take a minute and drive around your neighborhood and look at curbing installations or even better ask to see an installation of theirs that is a year or two old.  When this happens to your installation what are the chances that the company you hired is coming back to remove and replace your curbing? 


Why does separation occur?

Separation can occur for a variety of reasons. 

  1. During the installation process the control joints are often over cut and separation is effectively taken place right from day one.
  2. Undersized tree rings that do not allow for the future growth of trees or plants.
  3. Although here in Southwest Florida we are not subject to freeze and thaw cycles we are however subject to wet and dry seasons.  These conditions cause the ground to sink or swell.
  4. Once separation has occurred lawn mowers and lawn equipment can unintentionally disturb and move the curbing.


 Why is reinforcing cable not offered and installed by all curbing contractors?

Simple, it takes more time & costs more money.  It’s an investment that we at Surface Pro™ are willing to make in you and the product we deliver.



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